About the Wife of Bath’s Tale

As you ALL know I love miss queen, the one and only wife of bath and this story was almost no different. In truth, I must confess, I had heard this story many years ago whilst reading a manga. It was a boring manga but I had loved this story, however, the manga had failed to disclose the beginning of the tale, just the end. But you should’ve seen my excitement when I began to realize I had heard of this tale before. I digress, shall we get into the story?

To be honest, the beginning of this tale left a weird taste in my mouth because of how the knight got into his predicament in the first place. Rape. This chad of a knight raped a virgin and while he was going to be killed, you want me to believe that a bunch of women ralied to save him? It felt wrong. Even as we go through and you realize the knight gets some of what he deserves. He stole a girl’s free will, his free will was taken through the marriage with the olde wyf. While this means his lesson is somewhat learnt, he still ends up with a beautiful woman in the end. In the ranking if main characters and their redemption arcs the knight is dead last.

Also, the knight complaining about wanting a noble wife while committing a not so noble crime? If I were the olde wyf, I would’ve smacked him every day of our marriage, but the olde wyf clearly had other (less fun) plans.

the olde wyf however, she’s super cool and interesting. She’s a freaking sorceress, let’s start with that. She probably lured in the knight with those visions of dancing women, and that should’ve been my first clue for the fact that she was magical. Also what she told the knight. How she knew exactly what every woman wanted: Sovereignty over their husbands. Like Dr.Campbell said, I thought she meant power at first but then he pointed out that they really just wanted to be loved. That’s ADORABLE. To be loved by someone you’re married to. As a woman, that’s definitely what I would want. While the concept of courtly love seems so beautiful, I’d say this is much more nice and pure.

While we’re on the subject, let’s also talk about the olde wyf’s speech. The references she made to many infamous works, and the ties she made to God. That one candle metaphor confused me a bit though. Her last message about how the rich man was poor because he always wants more and the poor man is rich if he can live rich happily was good and very familiar sounding. In truth, the old wyf reminds me a bit of Jesus.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that, this was a goodish tale with a great lesson and a sucky main character.

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