About Dame Julian

Some back story about me: I was raised catholic by some semi-strict christians. I never went to catholic school but my parents did and you best believe I do bible time with my family on zoom every monday night.

But what does this have to do with Dame Julian? She’s a catholic woman writing about her own visions on God. Ideas that were wild to me. I knew of Joan of arc, another woman who received visions but maybe there’s a reason no one told me about Dame Julian. My priest would laugh if I brought up god as a mother. But maybe he wouldn’t. Maybe he’d be just as shook as I was in how she saw god. Dame Julians POV is one that’s much different than the one I’m used to and I kind of like it, it feels very eye opening that I never thought of god that way. “he” (god) is a mother. But weirdly enough, as a catholic, we see Mary in that way too. I wonder what Dame Julian thought Mary’s role was then.

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