About Sidney’s Simp Self

First lets talk about that last test: it was hard.

We’re done talking about that last test.

Y’all its the end of the week and what I want to talk about is love, especially on this lovely weekend. Sidney is quite the simp and we can see it in the art of Astrophil and Stella. Obviously we can’t physically see it but we might as well with how well he describes everything. The first poem being a sonnet but not a sonnet was really interesting. I like how it was untraditional for a beginning poem. It makes a lot of sense in terms of drawing in the reader. Like “Ooo look a sonnet but wait a minute…SIDNEY OML THATS NOT A TRADITIONAL SONNET ITS IAMBIC HEXAMETER TOO? YOU SLY DOG YOU”. In context of the poem’s contents though, I thought it was so unique how in that first poem he had felt so much for his love that he couldn’t write about her, almost as if he were too nervous to and that was the first thing he chose to write about. Like not knowing what to say to your crush. Sidney is like a highschool boy in love aww.

Also in that same poem, the first two lines “That dear she might take some pleasure of my pain/Pleasure might cause her to read, reading might make her know,”. Those lines really hit because its the feeling of wanting someone you love to care for you so much that you’d do anything to get into their mind. In this case it was him wanting her to look at his pain and be entertained so that she may know what he’s going through so that she may love him.

I love how after this we had to read sonnet 31 and 45, because sonnet 31, while I didn’t understand it fully, felt like it was him talking to the moon and wondering about that fabled love in the heavens and if it’s better than the love down here (giving very much mimesis). Also Is it just me or is Stella very cruel? I feel like thats felt in 45 where she has much more empathy for the fabled lovers and their tale than the woe that she herself is causing? Seems heartless BUT don’t forget women can choose who to like. If I were Stella would I be the same? Hm?

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