Love Poems

Love poems are so beautiful aren’t they?

And of all love poems to demonstrate that, the epithalamion was one of the best. Honestly the amount of thought that went into it was insane. I cant stop thinking about Spenser loved his beloved so much that he corresponded her love poem to the universe. That’s insane. 24 stanzas, 24 hours, different stanzas correspond to different hours of the day. When people say that their love is greater than the universe this man said his love IS the universe. It’s very interesting and such a stark contrast to some of what we read before. But it’s also an nice transition. We went from courtly love with Sir Gawain then softly transitioned to marriage love a bit then we went to full blown pure and innocent(this word roughly applies to Donne) completely devoted love. Honestly this is probably my favorite type of love. One that doesn’t involve sneaking around, just devotion. And these men were DEVOTED.

I think of the 2 poets that we’ve read this week, I like Donne better. His poetry was much easier to understand if I’m being honest. Especially the poem we read for hypothesis. That was really fun to annotate!

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