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Interesting how well we can relate so well to dead people. If I were much better at poetry and had a stronger faith then I might as well go work at a small church and call myself George.

What I mean by this wonderful introduction is the fact that, like him, I’ve struggled to find freedom and what it means in the context of meaning. So many times, I’ve looked at my own metaphorical religious collar and said “OK IM DONE IM DONE HERE”. This especially happens when I’m looking back at my religious upbringing. But then I stop, I look for meaning and I think “maybe the meaning is worth something”. Unlike herbert though, meaning has always been on the losing end of my constant need for freedom.

Same with my worthiness of love in the Love(3) poem. But with that poem, I feel like it applies to more than one kind of love. That love isn’t given a specific identity. It’s not clarified if it’s romantic love or self-love, maybe it’s god’s love that seems the most likely. Even then, I’m sure we’ve all felt unworthy of love in any form during our times of shame. It sucks. But I love(LOL) how in this poem, love is a person actively encouraging you. Not taking no for an answer when you feel low. That’s probably what true love is like. It’s reassuring and that’s what love is, it’s reassuring.

Jeezus, this got deep.

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