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Amelia Lanyier is so brilliant albeit long. While I could talk about her poetry form I’ll talk about the argument she brings up in Eve’s apology. I call it the Pilate paradox. It was such an interesting topic I brought it up to my very Christian family to talk about it. They take Lanyier’s side of the argument in which she was good in trying to stop her husband. They told me about how she didnt know Jesus’s intentions so that makes her good in trying to stop her husband. They also brought up Peter in the sense that he knew Jesus’s intentions and still tried to stop his death. In this case, Peter is the guilty party.

What I didnt expect from my family is the fact they also believed Eve is innocent. Apparently its something that my reverend grandmother would pray about. She didnt understand why Eve took most of the punishment either.

Overall, I love the discussions Lanyier brings up.

Also about Marvell, did not know that about Carpe Diem, will stop saying it right now. His poetry is pretty though but it was very creepy. Reminds me of another poet we read (Donne?) who would care love to things that you would cringe at except Marvell’s metaphors and scenarios are more realistic and weird but not too far-fetched? Like I can understand what he means but it’s “dude you went kind of far with that worm thing”.

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