About Othello

Y’all, I forgot Shakespeare existed. I know this is a British Lit course but I can’t believe I forgot who he was. I also forgot how much I struggled with reading it. Honestly, it feels as if I’m going in circles reading it but I think I just need more practice. His writing reminds me of a Chaucer but with much better spelling. Anyway, onto the actual plot, Desdemona’s love for Othello- their love for eachother- is so beautiful, it’s really tragic how the story goes. WHen the professor talked about how people have gone to the stage and interrupted the killing of desdemona, I can understand. As a tragedy, I should expect no justice for the good guys and only luck for the villains but I guess in a way it’s realistic. All of these things could’ve been prevented (at least I think so), but hate and anger is just as blind as love. Othello was much too trusting of Iago. Rodrigo is just too stupid. Iago is a bit too smart. Oh well.

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