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Since I talked about Othello last week, I’ll talk about mostly Paradise Lost this week, especially since I felt a bit delirious due to my cold and have barely any memory of othello (jk, I just need to catch up).

Paradise lost was very interesting as someone who’s had to read Genesis a lot growing up and knows the story of Adam and Eve by heart, Paradise lost is a bit refreshing because there’s the familiarity factor, but also the surprise. I feel that Milton’s added a lot to the original story. He’s humanized the characters more than the bible does but he also creates a much grander image than the bible. And for someone who’s so Christian that he broke character, he makes a good amount of non-biblical allusions. Paradise Lost feels like the hollywood version of a book. It makes sense seeing as this was originally meant to be a play, and you can feel aspects of that in this. Satan’s whole monologue and Beelzebub’s both feel very connected as it’s written in verse. I guess Milton and Shakespeare had a bit in common. His idea of good and evil also really strikes me too. We think of good and evil being completely different but he just sees it like one sees a coins. Both made in the same way but with different values (Sorry if this comparison didnt make sense, I guess some of Donne’s style just rubbed off on me lol). Im also really surprised on how he saw god, as ambisexual. Intriging but not unheard of (Dame Julian).

Lastly I wonder if some people consider Milton a prophet for Paradise Lost? Gotta look up if he has a cult.

Anyway this is getting a bit long so I’ll just leave it at this. Have a good week.

(P.S Dr.Campbell if you’re reading this, my friend Robert says hi! He had you sometime in his freshman year, said you were great!)

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