About Eve (2)

I think Eve has to be my favorite character from Paradise Lost. She’s just so COMPLEX, even more so than Adam. Adam stood up to God, but Eve stunned Satan. I said this in the forum but Eve reminds me a lot of a little goddess I know named Persephone. Satan and Eve are a bit parallel to Hades and Persephone. Eve eating the fruit is pretty reminiscent to persephone eating them three seeds.

Also I like that she wanted to separate from Adam. I feel like it makes a lot of sense because she hadnt been in the garden for nearly as long as he had. She wanted to work separately but theres also a chance she wanted to explore. Also something else I posted in the forum was the fact that Adam and Eve really emulate the two into one idea that Donne had in the ecstacy. Adam’s idea of their relationship is closer to that, however.

Something else I thought about though is Adam and Eve’s fall, how they both ate the fruit for one another. Does that seem toxic to anyone else? or is it just me? In my head, you dont do make your love do bad things just to stay with you. You let them live a better life even if it means its without you. But that didnt happen with Adam. He only wanted one Eve. When I was younger, I was taught that the fruit granted knowledge, it made us worldly. Then was Adam stupid when he ate the fruit for Eve’s sake? Because I think he was. Maybe I’m just taking this personally since this is a story I grew up with. Must detach!

Also I get the idea of “free to fall” when it comes to God seeing the fall coming but… how could he expect beings that were born yesterday to fully grasp the idea of Satan, a literal immortal being? They themselves werent angels, they were born yesterday. Maybe im missing something.

In terms of Satire
Im looking forward to Gulliver’s travels after reading The Lady’s Dressing room!

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