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To anyone reading, I’m happy that we’ve made it this far and wow I cant believe I managed to post so consistently on here. Three cheers for CynicallyOptimistic: hip hip HOORAY

back to the point. Ok so Gulib-Gulliver’s travels. Im going to abbreviate Houyhnhnms name just for the sake of my own sanity. From here on out, they will be known as the H’s.

It’s very interesting and funny to me how Gulliver ended up. Mr.C I really don’t understand how your teacher thought the H’s were perfect, especially with how Gulliver was acting near the end.

It’s odd to think about that this society was considered perfect cause they lived by reason but Gulliver, who lived by reason, ended up…acting much like a horse. He went back to his society and decided that horses, who were not H’s in mind, only in body, were much better than humans. This is despite the care and compassion humans show to other humans. I guess an argument to the H’s arent perfect idea is that Gulliver wouldn’t seem so weird if everyone acted the way he did, but even then that’s still off. The H’s acted towards Yahoos much like the British acted towards people of other races. They considered the Yahoos uncivilized unless they became assimilated into British society. This was and is wrong.

I honestly think what happened to Gulliver was comedic and sad at the same time. Hahaha funny man putting spices up his nose but also people like him very much exist in this world. I’ve seen it in my own church. People rejecting their own people and customs in favor for another culture they deem “correct” and usually it’s the dominant culture they choose to assimilate into. I’m not trying to get too political, but wow Swift was on the money with G’s travels, to a funny but sad extent.

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