About Gulible’s Travels

OMG IT’S THE LAST REFLECTION I CANT BELIEVE WE MADE IT! To anyone reading, I’m happy that we’ve made it this far and wow I cant believe I managed to post so consistently on here. Three cheers for CynicallyOptimistic: hip hip HOORAY back to the point. Ok so Gulib-Gulliver’s travels. Im going to abbreviate Houyhnhnms… Continue reading About Gulible’s Travels

About Eve (2)

I think Eve has to be my favorite character from Paradise Lost. She’s just so COMPLEX, even more so than Adam. Adam stood up to God, but Eve stunned Satan. I said this in the forum but Eve reminds me a lot of a little goddess I know named Persephone. Satan and Eve are a… Continue reading About Eve (2)

About Paradise Lost (?)

I guess this is the part where I talk about the “stressed out” part of my site name. This week, i’m sorry to say but I fell behind and missed a lot of class and didn’t catch up. Of course I’ll make an effort to catch up so this reflection will be based on what… Continue reading About Paradise Lost (?)

About Paradise Lost

LETS TALK ABOUT THE TEST! Damn that was difficult Moving on: Since I talked about Othello last week, I’ll talk about mostly Paradise Lost this week, especially since I felt a bit delirious due to my cold and have barely any memory of othello (jk, I just need to catch up). Paradise lost was very… Continue reading About Paradise Lost

About Othello

Y’all, I forgot Shakespeare existed. I know this is a British Lit course but I can’t believe I forgot who he was. I also forgot how much I struggled with reading it. Honestly, it feels as if I’m going in circles reading it but I think I just need more practice. His writing reminds me… Continue reading About Othello

About Eve

Amelia Lanyier is so brilliant albeit long. While I could talk about her poetry form I’ll talk about the argument she brings up in Eve’s apology. I call it the Pilate paradox. It was such an interesting topic I brought it up to my very Christian family to talk about it. They take Lanyier’s side… Continue reading About Eve

About Herbert

Interesting how well we can relate so well to dead people. If I were much better at poetry and had a stronger faith then I might as well go work at a small church and call myself George. What I mean by this wonderful introduction is the fact that, like him, I’ve struggled to find… Continue reading About Herbert

Love Poems

Love poems are so beautiful aren’t they? And of all love poems to demonstrate that, the epithalamion was one of the best. Honestly the amount of thought that went into it was insane. I cant stop thinking about Spenser loved his beloved so much that he corresponded her love poem to the universe. That’s insane.… Continue reading Love Poems

About Dame Julian

Some back story about me: I was raised catholic by some semi-strict christians. I never went to catholic school but my parents did and you best believe I do bible time with my family on zoom every monday night. But what does this have to do with Dame Julian? She’s a catholic woman writing about… Continue reading About Dame Julian

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