The Ralphster

The governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, has recently come under fire for a scandal surrounding a racist image. The image is of a person in a Klan uniform and another person in blackface. supposedly, one of these two people is ralph Northam. Personally, I sense that this whole thing seems very strange. when the news first broke, Northam admitted that it was him, but then proceeded to take that back and deny that it was him. Politicians are known to be fickle, but what adds more to the strangeness of the situation is that both the lieutenant governor and the attorney general,  Justin Fairfax and  Mark Herring respectively, have also had scandals arise in a very short time span. Fairfax has been called out with claims of sexual assault and Herring has admitted to wearing blackface. All three of these politicians have handled these issues very poorly too. I don’t think that they need to resign, and frankly I think they shouldn’t either. let me make myself clear- I am not condoning or advocating for racist or sexually aggressive actions at all, but i do think that these politicians are very strong and important figures, especially in the current political climate. They all bring a strong left-wing presence to the mid-atlantic region of the country. Furthermore, they bring this left-wing presence to a state that borders DC, keeping the thought that the democrats are right on his doorstep in the back of Trump’s mind. However, with that said, I would much prefer a leader who has not had a racial or sexual scandal. The best thing these politicians can do right now is releasing a completely transparent statement that explains, in clarity and in depth, their side of the issue. If they are actually guilty of these actions, I think whatever backlash that would ensue is completely warranted and legitimate. This issue is very hard to have opinions on, at least in my perspective, because it is important to have these democrats in office, but at the same time, do the citizens of the commonwealth of Virginia want potentially guilty people in office? I think these scandals have been handled poorly, I think that these politicians need to be honest with their constituents whether they are guilty or not, and altogether, I think that these 3 scandals happening so close together to the top three politicians in Virginia is very strange and I doubt that they are simply coincidental. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and surely this will have a lot of an impact and historical significance in the years to come.

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  1. I was unaware about these scandals. I agree with you on everything that you said. they should definitely come clean and just tell their side of the story. again, me not knowing much at all about the situation, I don’t know if they should resign our not. I definitely agree on the democrats being on trumps doorstep statement though. that for sure has an affect on trump and the republicans. it is very scandalous on how all three of these scandals happen around the same time and I agree with you when you said that you doubt they are simply coincidental.

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