who would win: a trillion lions or the sun?

preface: this post may seem irrelevant, but I argue that this is an interesting exercise in abstract thinking.

Who would win: 1 trillion lions or the sun? this question has puzzled scientists for decades, ever since the sun was invented. The sun, at the center of our solar system, is a massive ball of fire and energy. At any given moment, the sun produces 3.86 x 10^26 Watts of energy. This energy is sent off into the solar system in the form of light and heat. Compared to a lion, it is a menacing foe. However, lions are not to be underestimated. These felines are arguably some of the most deadly predators on Earth, and their pack mentality gives them an intrinsic bond to each other like a family. If there were ever to be a battle between the sun and lions, here is my hypothesis as to what might unfold.

First, I think that the lions would get near the sun by stacking themselves on top of each other. The distance to the sun is 92.96 million miles. Given that the average length of a lion is about 6.5-7 feet, this would require 70,118.4 lions, which is easily feasible when you have 1 trillion at your disposal.

One could argue that if the lions even got to the sun, they would burn up before being able to battle with it. Here is why this is wrong: I think that lions, like all animals on earth, know to stay a safe distance away from fire and heat so that they do not get burned. The lions would maintain a safe distance from the sun, which would most likely place them near the orbit of Mercury.

There is also the question of how the lions would battle the sun. The sun is a ball of heat energy and fire. On earth, we know that fire requires fuel, oxygen, and heat, and removing one of these will put out the fire. I doubt that the lions would be able to bring water with them to put out the fire as they live in semi-arid plains regions of sub-saharan Africa, so I imagine they would attempt to battle with the sun by attempting to suffocate it. To do this,  I think the lions would link themselves together, much like how fire ants link together, and create a sealed chamber around the sun. This sealed chamber would prevent oxygen from getting to the sun, which would suffocate the fire and eventually snuff it out. During this process though, the lions would have to endure lots of energy pushing them away from the sun and potentially breaking the seal, but these strong apex predators would pull through and continue to battle.

I think that the force of 1 trillion lions would be an equal match against the sun. The two opponents would fight fiercely, but I would like to make the claim that the lions would be the superior of the two and would emerge from the battle as the victor, simply because of their power in numbers.

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