rain and weather

Have you guys ever really thought about the weather? what happens up in our troposphere is really cool. Here on Earth, our weather can do some crazy stuff. Powerful winds, big storms, things falling from the sky, and sunny days are things we have all seen in our lives, but I think very few of us have ever put serious thought to it besides the occasional “wow what a lovely day!” or “what’s the weather going to do today?”

Basically, in my very un-professional, furthest-thing-from-a-meteorologist view, the weather phenomena that happen on Earth can be divided into two categories: things falling from the sky and things not falling from the sky.

Both of these categories are pretty self explanatory, and anyone who has spent at least a month on Earth has seen examples of them. But how do they happen? What goes on to make things fall or not fall?

More often than not, things that fall from the sky are some form of water, whether it be liquid or solid. Rain, snow, hail, sleet, etc are examples of this, obviously. Personally, I think it’s crazy that this is just something that naturally happens on Earth. This one random chemical that all life depends on just happens to quite literally just fall from the sky sometimes, and people never seem to take a moment to stop and say “woah”.  Sadly, being in the rain almost always means moving as fast as you can to not be in it. But with that said, that is understandable, no one wants to be wet.

Though it may not seem like it, there is just as much diversity in the weather in the category of things not falling from the sky as there is with the former category. The weather can be cloudy, sunny, windy, foggy, many others, and also any kind of combination of these weather types.

This much appreciation for the weather may seem trivial, but consider this perspective- we only see our weather as “normal” and what happens in our atmosphere as “normal” because it is something that we have just accepted as something that naturally happens, and that’s also just exactly what it is. Something that just happens. But imagine having the perspective of someone from another planet, where their weather is something completely different from that of Earth’s. Weather on other planets can mean huge, years-long dust storms, raining liquid methane, carbon falling from the sky, and many other things. Hearing about weather on Earth would most likely blow their minds.

But at the end of the day, whether you’re an alien or not, our weather can do some crazy stuff. And even when it’s not doing anything particularly crazy or unusual, the normal stuff is still pretty cool and it’s amazing that it’s just something that happens.

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  1. First seeing your title of your blog, I assumed it was going to be a rant about how crazy Virginia weather is and the amount of rain Richmond has gotten. I’m glad it wasn’t because of how many complaints are made about the rain. I enjoyed reading your blog and definitely don’t even think about the chemical reactions that are going on in the sky. It is fascinating to take everyday experiences and really grasp the bigger picture behind it. Many of us tend to just go about our day, but when we step back to see the larger idea it’s a great learning experience.

  2. I really liked the language and tone of this blog because it made it fun to read! I have taken time to appreciate our world and how the many workings of it are so fine tuned. Yet, lately I have not taken any care into this and I should! The reason why I haven’t is probably because the weather in Richmond has been very drowsy. But, like you said, even the dark rainy days can be appreciated for their own beauty. And like with many other aspects of life, that dark rainy day makes the warm sunny day even more brilliant. Thanks for encouraging me to take a step back and appreciate our weather. Great blog!

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