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Week 5 blog

The author talks a lot about the connection between creativity and student learning, in your opinion, how are intelligence and creativity related?  Are the notions of imagination and creativity captured within any SOLs you have found?  If so which ones, and in what ways?

I believe that creativity depends on intelligence. To fully be creative you have to have some to a lot of knowledge on whatever you want to be creative on. For example, if you want to be creative and make another version of a song, you have to have knowledge in that field. I definitely believe that imagination and creativity is captured in SOLs. Mainly, we see creativity and imagination in science but could be applied to history as well. For science, we have to use our imagination to picture elements, atoms, states of matter, etc and be creative to draw what we think they look like. For history, we also have to use our imaginations and mentally picture events that have happened in the past.

Week 5 Daily Art 2

5.4 The student will investigate and understand that matter is anything that has mass and takes up space; and occurs as a solid, liquid, or gas. Key concepts include

  1. a)  distinguishing properties of each phase of matter;
  2. b)  the effect of temperature on the phases of matter;
  3. c)  atoms and elements;
  4. d)  molecules and compounds; and
  5. e)  mixtures including solutions.

Final project update 1

For my final project, I decided to teach myself how to crochet. I knew I wanted to teach myself how to do something and I finally picked crocheting because I love blankets and you can never have too many.

So far I have 2 rows completed on my blanket. I am doing double crocheting.

week 4 blog

What does it mean to be a learner?

To me, learning is like life.  We start off with small knowledge (possibly) just like the size of newborns, small. Throughout learning, experiences change or broaden our view just as throughout life. As you get older you grow just like your learning. You never really stop learning. Although you do have a stop to life until then you are constantly gaining experiences and growing.

Week 4 Daily Art 2

So, this does not have anything to do with SOL’s but I wanted to ask my classmates to keep this family in your thoughts. One of my family friends passed away this week and I know her family would appreciate it. This is a poster at Starbucks with pictures of Rachel and the things and people that made her so special. She was the manager at this Starbucks for a long time.

Week 3 Daily art 3

science 4.4 The student will investigate and understand basic plant anatomy and life processes.

Key concepts include

a) the structures of typical plants and the function of each structure;
b) processes and structures involved with plant reproduction;
c) photosynthesis; and

d) adaptations allow plants to satisfy life needs and respond to the environment.

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