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Week 11 Blog Post

1. List all of the potential arts connections (institutions and people) in your community. What sources might you tap in addition to the ones on your initial list?

I live in King William County, there aren’t many resources there so we would have to travel for art connections. In King William, the connections we do have are the art/music/tech teachers at the schools. Forty-five minutes away in Richmond, there are endless resources, Science museum of Virginia, Visual Arts Center of Richmond, and Virginia Museum of Fine Arts just to name a few.

2. If you had access to an opera singer, what might you ask him or her to do in your classroom? How about a ballet dancer? A rapper? A graffiti artist? A bluegrass violinist? A potter?

I would ask each of these artists to show the class how to do one thing of their craft. I think this would open the students up to wanting to learn a new hobby and to gain some knowledge of that form of art.

week 10 blog post

~When you assess your students’ work, for whom is the assessment meant?

When I am teaching, my assessments will mostly be for my students and myself. For my students, they could see how well they are grasping the content. For myself, I can measure if the students are understanding the way I am presenting the content.

~What role do your students play in assessing their own work?

When I am teaching, I will have my students self-evaluate their writing/presentation pieces. In general, it is good to acknowledge your weaknesses and focus on them and making them better. If they are aware that they have to grade themselves, they are more than likely going to put a little more effort in their weaknesses. I will also include the “warm and cool” comments that are mentioned in the reading. I have done this in my job as a manager with “grow and glow” statements or “peaks and pits”. It is very important to make sure students know how to accept and give constructive criticism.

~To what extent do you vary the assessment tools in your classroom?

When I am teaching, I won’t restrict the assessments to just tests. You can assess students’ knowledge by having them present the content in any way they choose. When I was in school we did posters and powerpoints. I would allow them to express the┬ácontent in any way they would like: music, acting, writing, art pieces.

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