I think social media and blog posts can be an amazing tool to use in the classroom. The teacher can share reminders of work that needs to be completed, events happening at the school/community, answer most asked questions, and many other things. Social media accounts can be a fast and easy platform to use for both the teacher, students, and parents.


When I was in high-school, cell-phones and use of personal technology were frowned upon. Mostly because they were a distraction which, I agree they definitely can be. I think most children/teenagers will want to do/use something more when they’re told they can’t do/use it. When we were allowed to use the computers we would typically go to a computer lab and some of the rooms were set up to where the desks and computers were along the wall so the screens were always facing the teacher.


When I attended community college we did a “service-learning” class and we visited a classroom for so many hours during the semester. I went to an 8th-grade civics class and technology was heavily used. I saw almost all the students engaged and excited to use the different apps that the teacher had introduced them to. Every student had a school-issued¬†laptop that they could use in the classroom and at home. ¬†This was very different from when I was in public schools and I feel as if the students were happier and more attentive in the 8th-grade civics class.