Objective: The students will be able to find and analyze weather reports from chosen locations, given the use of their twitter findings and be prepared to share the report with 90% accuracy.

Content: VA sol 2.6 The student will investigate and understand basic types, changes, and patterns of weather. Key concepts include a) temperature, wind, precipitation, drought, flood, and storms; and b) the uses and importance of measuring and recording weather data.

Pedagogy: Individual work/Class sharing

Technology: Twitter

TPK: the pedagogy is supported by the technology because the students will use Twitter to get examples of the weather from their chosen location.

TCK: Using Twitter, students are able to search for their specific location and learn the selected content.

PCK: Students will share their findings on their weather reports to the rest for the class for their chosen locations.

Assessment: I will assess the students by keeping an accurate weather map and checking the accuracy of each student’s.