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Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary

This documentary definitely pulled on my heartstrings a lot which I think it was intended to do. It is absolutely terrifying to me that there are young kids experiencing the things that the young kids in this documentary experienced. No one should watch or see someone die, especially not a 10-year-old child. I hope to be more than just a teacher for my future students. I want to do more than just teach these kids math… I want to teach them equality and inform them of different cultures. It was so shocking to see that the school has bullet holes in it and that some of the teachers are just blaming these kids. I was so happy to see the kids standing up for themselves when the librarian was blaming them for how dirty LA is.

I chose this picture because it spoke volumes to me. We need to be helping people not hurting them or making it any harder. Immigrants come to America for a better life not to ruin our country or to take our jobs.

Week 12 Making activity

The lesson plan for SOL 3.8

We would have the students be broken into groups and they would be assigned a different phase of a subject. For our specific lesson, we chose plant life cycles. So after they are assigned a phase, they learn about it and they can decide a key concept from their phase to print and then teach the class about. The groups will go in chronological order and the teacher will have the end phase. We have a flower and it has all the parts.

Examples could include seeds, stems, leaves, petals, roots, the sun or sun rays, and chlorophyll.

You could use this lesson with any of the other subjects in this specific SOL


The student will investigate and understand basic patterns and cycles occurring in nature. Key concepts include a) patterns of natural events such as day and night, seasonal changes, simple phases of the moon, and tides; b) animal life cycles; and c) plant life cycles.

Week 5 making activity

This week we made cubes with the Silhouette program. I tried out 6 of the tutorials, some that really stuck out to me was the sticky notes, pop-up, and glyphs. The tutorials were really simple to follow and gave written and visual instructions.

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