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Erin’s students work


When I was in Math 361, Professor Nunnally introduced us to many different ways that students would complete problems. It always shocked me to see those different ways and I would just think that maybe select students do it that way but definitely not majority of the students. While visiting the two different schools I selected for Math 361 and 362, the students have really proved me wrong. They absolutely solve math problems in the ways that my professors have showed me and even some of the students I observed have solved problems in other ways that I have never seen before. I think by going to these schools and observing these students, they have opened my eyes and mind a lot and I will never underestimate them and the many different solutions they come up with. I will encourage them to not solve problems the traditional way. The teacher that I visited for Math 362 tried to give us a mix of students: on grade level, above grade level, and below grade level, which I thought was challenging because not every student was fully engaged because they aren’t particularly interested in math and that definitely gave me a taste of what my actual classroom will be like. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with these visits, I just wish I could have gone more times and gained more experience with the students.