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week 13

I think the biggest challenges that teachers face/will face with computer science is accessibility. It would be wonderful if every school had the same amount and kind of technology but that is not reality. It may be hard to implement some of these standards without some of the technology.

I also think it would be hard to find the time if it is a piece of technology that I am not familiar with.

week 12 blog

My first activity is a word sort that the students can drag the listed word into the correct category. This is substitution because the students will be dragging the words instead of writing the words or drawing lines.

My second activity is a drag and drop labeling for the water cycle which could also be colored in. This is substitution because the students will be dragging the labels instead of writing the words or drawing lines.

My third activity is a color and label the planet worksheet. This is substitution because you can use the technology to color in the plants and label them.

Week 10 Blog

Objective: The students will be able to find and analyze weather reports from chosen locations, given the use of their twitter findings and be prepared to share the report with 90% accuracy.

Content: VA sol 2.6 The student will investigate and understand basic types, changes, and patterns of weather. Key concepts include a) temperature, wind, precipitation, drought, flood, and storms; and b) the uses and importance of measuring and recording weather data.

Pedagogy: Individual work/Class sharing

Technology: Twitter

TPK: the pedagogy is supported by the technology because the students will use Twitter to get examples of the weather from their chosen location.

TCK: Using Twitter, students are able to search for their specific location and learn the selected content.

PCK: Students will share their findings on their weather reports to the rest for the class for their chosen locations.

Assessment: I will assess the students by keeping an accurate weather map and checking the accuracy of each student’s.



Week 7


4.3 The student will investigate and understand the characteristics of electricity. Key concepts include

a) conductors and insulators;

b) basic circuits;
c) static electricity;
d) the ability of electrical energy to be transformed into light and motion, and to produce heat;

e) simple electromagnets and magnetism; and
f) historical contributions in understanding electricity.

Objective: Given a video and interactive activity, the students will be able to identify what objects a magnet will attract and repel with 80% accuracy.

Content: We are focusing on magnetism, and how the poles work on the earth. There are many things that are magnetic on earth Misconceptions: What poles are, and that all metals are magnetic.

Pedagogy: We will use a video to introduce magnetism to students. Then the students will play a game on finding the poles on a plane. Next, the students will identify different objects that are magnetic on a form. Last, students will post on the discussion talking about an interesting fact on magnets.

Technology: youtube video, interactive brainpop activity, discussion post, and google quiz.

TCK: By watching the youtube video students will learn all about magnetism and then be able to experiment with magnets by playing the brain pop magnet hunt game which will help students get a better understanding of how magnets work.

TPK: Using the video and interactive game allows the students to be more engaged instead of just listening to a lecture about magnets.

PCK: The pedagogy supports the content knowledge because after doing the interactive game and video, the students should have an understanding of magnetism.


Week 6 blog

Class code: 1i2i0vo

SOL 5.5 The student will investigate and understand that organisms are made of one or more cells and have distinguishing characteristics that play a vital role in the organism’s ability to survive and thrive in its environment. Key concepts include
a) basic cell structures and functions;
b) classification of organisms using physical characteristics, body structures, and behavior of the organism; and

c) traits of organisms that allow them to survive in their environment.

Content knowledge: Students will learn the different characteristics of plant and animal cells and the importance of the cell structures.

Technology: Google Classroom and linked websites to complete assignments.

Pedagogy: This assignment would be assigned the night before the in-class lesson took place as a teaser to what we were learning about and a pre-assessment.

TCK: The students will use the links to get an understanding of what we will be covering in the next class. Ideally, in the next class we will briefly go over what they did the night before and then we would make our own plant and animal cells.

TPK: Using the interactive cell tutorial and games will allow the students to fully engage with the material and not just reading out of a book/article.

PCK: The pedagogy supports the content knowledge because after doing the interactive cell tutorial and game, the students should have an understanding of what we will be covering in the next class and they will know the functions and their importance.



Week 5 making activity

SOL 2.8 The student will distinguish between the use of barter and the use of money in the exchange for goods and services.


Week 5 blog post

Blackboard is the first LMS to pop in my mind. After reading this article, it made me think how much I do appreciate Blackboard because if everything is kept up to date, there are no questions about due dates, assignments, or grades.

I can see something like Blackboard being very beneficial in K-12. From helping out the little ones when they forget what to do for homework by the time they get home, to helping prepare high schoolers for college. I think LMS’ are a great tool to hold students accountable for their especially because parents would be able to access it.

Hopefully, by the time I graduate and get a job, schools will be implementing a system like Blackboard and if not, I can definitely see myself having something alike in place.

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