In this weeks reading, Goldberg outlines the three categories of art education. Art text, art integration, and arts education. These three categories can relate to many assignments, even our assignment of creating a personal website on rampages.

Being able to express our thoughts on various topics, seeing everyone sharing their daily art, and personalizing our website to have cool fonts and pictures and organization relates to art text.

Art integration, with each post we can see how other students interpreted the material and brought art into the subject matter.

Arts education, having the ability to see other students ideas and takes on different assignments allows us to have a deeper understanding of the material. Also we’ll probably be introduced to new forms of art during this semester and that will broaden our “art education”.

Technology is becoming so necessary in schools that creating a personal website for children K-5 would be beneficial for their education careers. They would be able to modify it each year and use it throughout their life. To modify this activity for K-5 to better address it, I would have them either write a quick auto-biography or do a piece of art reflecting who they are to get their minds thinking in a fun way for them then have/help them create it on the website. Showing how to really personalize the website would really help grab the students attentions because they would have the most fun with that part. I think showing them the importance this would have in the future would be beneficial as well.