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Week 8 blog

Art forms are a kind of language because they tend to be expressive. Art tends to tell a story just like language does. I believe the picto-spelling is the best mode for “playing with language”. Many students remember material by writing it down, if you draw out the new concept like the picto-spelling drawings in the book, you are very likely to remember that drawing. My preferred way to learn a new language is to treat it like a spelling bee. I like to hear the word, spell it out, use it in a sentence, and I like to search the word on google and see how its used in context. One of the ideas that come to mind when thinking of ways to adapt an art-form to teach literacy is to, instead of just have the students spell out words for their spelling tests, have them get creative with it. Still, spell┬áthe word out but draw a picture of the word or use it in a sentence in a poem.

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