The Death Gene

Tuesday’s class had me thinking about my ENG 391 course on disability and disease. One of the texts we read was on a comic-book writer who’s family carried the lyme disease gene (essentially, you lose all functions of your motor skills, and your body, along with brain is slowly deteriorated). Some of the main talking points consisted of the decision that needed to made when considering that he could transfer the gene to his offspring. The same can be seen when Adam and Eve fall out of grace with God. They receive the “death” gene, and are also faced with the same problem that the character who carries the lyme disease has: they have a choice to create children. It’s interesting to see that after being doomed to death, they still choose to create life, that like them, will be doomed to the same fate.

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  1. I wonder that when families get their unborn child tested for any birth defects. I think it’s interesting having that power in one’s hands and still going on to procreate life.

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