An Escape Route?

There’s something I’ve been thinking about…like always. So God is the one who sends out the punishment of condemning Adam and Eve to death, however, he also sends “himself” (the son) in a way. It’s weird to consider, because he acts as a judge, but also a savior, while being a single, yet separate entity. If God were to sentence the human race to death, and do nothing else, he would probably be seen as an evil King, not capable of mercy? In ways it can be a reflection of many leaders of power in the early European centuries. However, he doesn’t just condemn the human race to death, but offers them a chance of hope, or redemption; salvation through “The son”. Because of this, could it be considered an escape route to make humanity not see him as simply a God without mercy, but rather a God of second chances? Either way, he chose to offer humanity a second chance, which is enough for me.

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  1. Hey, Dan! Interesting thoughts. The fact that God judges yet also gives Himself up to save humanity satisfies the idea that He is perfectly just while also being simultaneously perfectly merciful. I see this less as an escape route in order for Him to be wrathful but as the absolutely necessary action in order for Him to stay faithful to His character.

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