As a child, Satan was the meaning of “evil”, as taught by the church and family. Yet, despite this being sort of true, it’s really weird and interesting to look at Satan through Milton’s perspective. Yes, he chose to accept his downfall and not regret his actions against God, yet there are actions that he makes that as human beings can be understood. It’s scary to think that someone who grew up in the church can empathize, even if it’s slightly, with the Devil. But the more you look at his character, the more you can understand why he did what he did. I am considering telling my parents how Milton perceives Satan, and am curious as to how angrily they will react xD.

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  1. I always thought Satan to be this ultimate evil until I ended up getting into the DC comics on Lucifer and showed me a different perspective on him. If you end up telling your parents good luck! 😀

  2. I think that makes him even more of a bad guy because really he’s just someone who’s hurt. I feel pity for Satan after reading because he was weak compared to Adam and Eve (who symbolize humanity).

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