Anyone who’s anyone remembers watching “Bring it On” and “Bring it On Again” and “Bring it On All or Nothing” (the one with Rihanna). Last night I watched the first one, “Bring it On,” for those who don’t know it is a movie about two competing cheer squads. The first one features Kirstin Dunst and Gabrielle Union. Kirstin is a high school cheer captain at an affluent school who finds out that the previous cheer captain has been stealing routines from another school, with Gabrielle Union as the captain. The film touches on issues of cultural appropriation and the ability for white people to steal from black people and not be called out. A real-life example is Kim Kardashian wearing cornrows, a hairstyle traditionally for black people, and saying that they’re “Bo Derek Braids.”

This film, though seemingly transparent, has many messages and could help an ignorant/unknowing white person learn from their mistakes (racism). It’s also a movie about acceptance and popping your privilege bubble and entering the real world. “Bring it On All or Nothing” is also like this. It focuses on a girl who moves from a rich, white neighborhood to a poor one. She changes cheer squads and is, for the first time, in a white minority position- meaning she is the only white person. She learns that the poor school is full of talent, but they are ignored simply because they’re poor. Of course, there are very happy endings to the movies…I wish it was like that in real life!

These movies are iconic not just because of the serious issues they tackle, but also the star-studded casts– who would have thought Solonge Knowles would be in a movie about high school cheerleaders?

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