Joe Biden has announced his run for president in 2020. This announcement comes after some women came forward about inappropriate interactions they have had with Biden. Some of the incidents seem relatively minor- especially comparing them to Trump’s long list of accusations. After the allegations surfaced, Biden released a video on his twitter, apologizing for his behavior and vowing to be “more mindful” when interacting with people. Whether or not you believe the accusations, they raise questions about how men in power act with women. These questions have been raised before, but more women are finding themselves able to identify with the women who have accused Biden. Actions that may not warrant a full H.R. conversation, but still make you feel uncomfortable and dirty.

Many Democrats have put their support behind Biden, though Bernie Sanders remains the frontrunner in the Democratic Presidential nomination race. To put it simply, the hypocrisy coming from Democratic supporters of Biden is revolting. Most people who are supporting Biden’s bid for the presidency are the same people who criticized Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, and other men who were accused of sexual assault. How can you be appalled by the actions of these men, but be okay with the actions of Joe Biden? Politics have become a race for democrats and republicans to compete; it is no longer about serving the people, it’s all about power.

so, eat the rich and vote Bernie 2020.


  1. hannahmelvin April 26, 2019 at 8:25 pm

    While I agree with your statement that we need to raise questions about the power dynamic between men and women in politics. I would like to raise a few points about your post. First, it is interesting that you even compared Joe Biden and Donald Trump when they are on completely different spectrums on the topic of sexual assault. Donald Trump, as well as Brett Kavanaugh, both have legal evidence that proves they have committed sexual assault and have had countless allegations over the last couple of years against them. On the other hand, Joe Biden has zero actual charges against him for sexual assault and not to mention he has also apologized for his inappropriate behavior and has taken action to fix it.

    Secondly, you mention how the support of Democrats behind Joe Biden is “revolting”. However, you fail to mention how Republicans supported Donald Trump through his allegations. If you are going to call one party hypocritical then you should also look at the other party’s reaction. Not only have Democrats have been hypocritical of supporting Joe Biden, but Republicans have also been hypocritical of supporting Trump. You’re trying to point out a double standard that doesn’t exist. Both parties are at fault for not taking allegations from women seriously when concerning men who are in power.

    In conclusion, sure, the Democratic party is hypocritical for supporting a “creep” when condemning Trump for counts of sexual assault. However, the Republican party has supported a rapist for the past three years. So if anything; no one is really in the right. The bigger issue here is the lack of support for women who come forward with testimonies. Ultimately, everyone in politics needs to start taking women in politics more seriously.

    • daviescb April 26, 2019 at 8:28 pm

      I advise you to review what I wrote as I said. I did not say the republicans get off with no blame

  2. weinlb April 26, 2019 at 8:33 pm

    I agree with you completely. It is so sad to hear that men (not all but a vast majority) abuse their power. What is sad is that it isn’t only present with our political candidates but also in our government system. Women getting raped knowing their rapist is out in the world because they were able to get away with it in court. I don’t understand how people can be okay with invading such an intimate part of someone else’s life. Because of these inappropriate behaviors that happen in work places women don’t feel safe, or taken seriously. Which they should feel safe, and they should be taken seriously. If a man were to sexually harass or molest in any form I would not take him seriously, so why are these women being punished. As for the hypocrisy you’re right. No one can ever see what is good or bad anymore regardless of the political stand point. If their favored candidate did something they justify it, but if the other candidate, the one they are competing against, did the same thing it becomes a fight. There is no humanity in politics anymore, which is sad because that is exactly why we need politics. We need guidelines and rules for how to act so that people can be safe and thrive.

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