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Second Life is a online virtual world that enables users to create their own avatars and interact with other users within the virtual online environment. Users are able to build, create, and interact. The program was launched in 2003 and according to an ISTE article written last year it has the “potential to engage students, personalize curricula and develop higher-order thinking skills.”  Students can “view and analyze, evaluate and create content.”  I was interested in learning more about Second Life because I know that my middle school students love creating avatars, gaming, and interacting. A favorite game of this age group is Minecraft. So I took the opportunity to learn more about Second Life and how it compares to and differs from Minecraft Education. I have read and tried a couple examples of teaching through gaming exercises using a web based program called GameStar Mechanics. But I haven’t tried using a virtual world and must admit that I am thinking that it would be interesting to use it for the environment of an online class. Anyone have any experience with this that they would like to share? For those of you that are interested in seeing an example of how you can use a virtual world in Education , I have posted a video. Take a look and let me know your thoughts….

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      1. I have not. My son (10) loves minecraft, and I know he can bring in 3d printable designs (a research area of mine) into the environment, but I dont think he can create things in the environment and bring them out to 3d print. This is where I could see really great applications.

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