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After reading and considering the different roles an online instructor plays I believe that under the Pedagogical Role I will play the course designer, feedback giver, and interaction facilitator. I believe the module will have a variety of activities to engage the students and my instructions should provide the detailed instructions that are required in the absence of โ€œreal time interaction.โ€ The module will be a hybrid course which will give me the opportunity to give face to face feedback in addition to the conversation that will be provided through the discussion boards. I will definitely be a interaction facilitator with the discussion boards because 8th graders will need a lot of guidance to make the conversation valid. I do not believe I will be a profession inspirer simply because of the age group I teach. 8th graders do think about different career fields but I do not see a connection with the content of the module. I think it makes more sense for them to think about how they can use the skills in connection with their core classes. Under the Managerial Role I will play the role of Conference Manager and Organizer and Planner. As stated above, 8th graders need a great deal of guidance when it comes to discussions. I have tried using blogs before with the same age group and the responses were less than productive! I know that whether online or face to face 8th graders require clear guidelines and a well organized lesson is a must! I believe the social role will be easier in the hybrid environment. I have already built the connections with my students. They know my skillset and are familiar with my enthusiasm for the subject! Under Technical Roles I will play all three of the noted roles: technical coordinator, media designer/developer, and technology integrator. I have used Schoology and other management systems and I am very comfortable using a variety of multimedia components teaching face to face. So I do not foresee having any challenges in the technical roles – but you never know!



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  1. I like the way you explained your roles. I think with an online class, the roles are many and sometimes you are acting in more than one role at a time. While the 8th graders are in need of strong guidance, I find that the high schoolers are in need of constant motivation. I will have to put in little motivators to encourage them along the way.

  2. I see a lot of roles being played by you, Debbie. I feel that they will be necessary with your module because it is difficult to keep 8th graders’ eyes on the ball of the future when most of them live in the “now”. Having them connect with current classes is a great idea and it takes an interactive facilitator to keep them engaged. I probably don’t have enough roles in my module, but I feel like I will discover them as I move through the process of the module with my students. It is kind of like my first block of the day… they are my guinea pigs and get everything for the first time. I currently chose the designer role for understanding how the module works and will guide students throughout the process. I also feel like I will facilitate the discussion, but try not to be “in their faces”, however, I will pose some thought-provoking situations to them to get them talking. I am assuming that my students will understand how to maneuver through the module by prior experience with the set up. I may be proven wrong as it begins. Technology and I are “barely acquainted” which is the difference between your knowledge and confidence in this module and mine. I may be coming to you for advice. ๐Ÿ™‚

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