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In regards to the reading and my module I do believe it is necessary to address SRL. I believe SRL should be developed in face to face instruction as well as hybrid and full online instruction. Basically I think it is one of the most important skills/processes that students can develop in order to become self sufficient and productive adults. Unfortunately, with middle school students it is much easier said than done. I think within the Framework: forethought, performance control, and self-reflection the part that I would be able to address in my module would be self-reflection. Although Middle School students do struggle with self-reflection, I do believe that if they are given the opportunity and a “safe” environment in which to share they are capable of thinking about what they did, how they did it, and why. It is taking it to the next level (projecting what could and should be done differently and why) that is a struggle for them. As stated in the reading, “Finally, in the self-reflection phase, learners use self-evaluation strategies to judge performance. These judgments hinge greatly on assessment of what caused the results, such as whether poor performance is due to limited ability or insufficient effort. Such judgments, in turn, influence future forethought and performance.” To address this in my module I will change the Discussion Boards  to include the self-reflection.  I have been planning on using those for students to generate ideas on how to use the skills and projects they learn in my class for projects in core classes but after the reading, I understand that it would be productive for the students to self-reflect about what they have learned. When it comes to the majority of Middle School students, they are not ready (to say the least) for the  forethought stage. In fact, many times after discussing what the class will be doing, going over the directions, having written step by step directions and typically showing many examples, when you say it is time to begin an activity several students will at that point raise their hand and explain they “need help” and are “not sure what to do!!” Anyway, in my hybrid module I believe that the “forethought,” planning, organizing, and goal setting will be up to the instructor as it is in face to face instruction. The key to addressing the Performance Control part of the framework seems to be feedback. In the case study students, “mentioned the frequent and timely feedback they received from the course instructor as a key factor in their success.” I will address this in the module by using the project rubrics to give students feedback on how successful they were with the different components of the module. The discussion boards will be another area where I will be able to provide feedback through comments. The question I have about SRL is directed to my colleagues that teach at the High School. It was stated in the reading that, “some aspects of SRL, such as metacognitive knowledge and skills, generally improve as students get older.” What age/grade do you feel that students begin to exhibit characteristics of being Self Regulated Learners?

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  1. I like the way you made your response age specific. I am very interested in the way students respond to different aspects of the class according to their level of maturity. Do you think you would notice a difference if you presented your module at the beginning of the year as opposed to the end? With high school, I don’t feel that I would have a distinct difference.

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