Final Myers

For my final project I created a hybrid module that includes 5 hands on projects for students to create. The development of a student ePortfolio is part of the module to help students feel a sense of accomplishment. Discussion boards are part of each project to allow students the opportunity to share ideas and connect… Read More Final Myers

Reflection Myers

I believe I am able to use effective electronic communication methods for instructions in the K-12 education environment through the use of management programs like Schoology, Google Apps like Drive, and through the use of videos, existing and ones that I develop. I did learn a great deal about how Discussion boards and apps like… Read More Reflection Myers

VR Myers

I have to admit when I first looked at the assignment and saw the “53 minute video” I was a little rattled. After watching I have to agree – totally worth it! I think virtual reality is so fascinating and I am always interested in reading about sites like Second World and Minecraft. I had… Read More VR Myers

Status Myers

Except for creating an additional Syllabus for the students, I believe I have completed my Module. The module was intended to be project based and that would give students a strong introduction to using a photo imaging program. After looking over the 5 projects I believe it does give the students the basics. The module… Read More Status Myers