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I have to admit when I first looked at the assignment and saw the “53 minute video” I was a little rattled. After watching I have to agree – totally worth it! I think virtual reality is so fascinating and I am always interested in reading about sites like Second World and Minecraft. I had read the article before and am so interested in Minecraft the Education Edition because I have so many students who love it. In fact, if anyone wants to know how to download it onto the school network, just ask one of my students. It is a constant battle with them because they are so good at it. I have gotten to the point where I just use it as a reward. I let them play if they complete their work and create a good project – and yes they know how to connect to each others servers and play together. According to the tests that were referred to in the video, if I could use virtual reality in my classroom I would be able to receive data on who is actually learning from the lesson and who is not just by their body language, I would be able to make direct eye contact with multiple students – building a stronger connection and encouraging increased participation. I would be able to redirect instruction based on the data collected to increase the learning for students. I think the Microsoft Kinect device, and the Google VR device have the possibility of allowing the education system to truly provide personalized education for all students. I actually could watch that video again – fascinating!

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  1. I love it, too, Debbie. I even joined second life and played around with it a bit. Frazier was an avid World of Warcraft gamer and I would check out the characters he made and watch him maneuver throughout the game. It is really cool. I would love to try virtual reality myself. I think it would be way cool to do. I wouldn’t mind doing virtual field trips. I think the kids would love it and definitely learn from it. If you get to do that in your class, I will audit your class during my planning to mess around with the students and learn more. 🙂

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