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For my final project I created a hybrid module that includes 5 hands on projects for students to create. The development of a student ePortfolio is part of the module to help students feel a sense of accomplishment. Discussion boards are part of each project to allow students the opportunity to share ideas and connect with each other about the process and skills as they are learning. Each project has two rubrics – one for the project itself, as well as, one for the discussion board to provide students with guidelines and feedback. I would appreciate if if my colleagues would look at the student instructions (video and text) and let me know if they feel the directions are easy to follow or if they see any areas that I might need to provide more detail. I would also appreciate any ideas colleagues might have on what I would need to add or change to move this from a hybrid module to an entirely online module. While developing this project I learned how to facilitate communication among students as they create projects and learn new skills. This is an important part of facilitating students to not just master skills but to be able to apply them in other areas. I also learned how to look closer at the content and pedagogy when developing modules before considering a specific technology. To consider how the technology is going to help students achieve the goal of obtaining a specific knowledge. You should evaluate this project by determining if the student instructions include enough information and detail for students to reach the end goal of independently completing a project, learning the skills and being able to apply them. You should also assess if each project in the module gives students clear guidelines by combining the student instructions with the rubrics. Evaluate if the discussion boards and their rubrics facilitate and encourage students to connect, share, and reflect throughout the module. Finally, evaluate if the overall module incorporates the tPack framework. It is always challenging for me to evaluate my own work. I believe this is a strong module and meets the criteria. I evaluate my work based on how the students do with it. Typically, I need to tweek a few things here and there after students work with the lessons. I feel that I have gone over the module in great detail and as long as it is a hybrid module it is one that students will enjoy working with and learn from. I know that if I wanted to use this for a completely online course I still have some work to do.

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  1. You list your learning outcomes as :

    By the end of this module the learner will be able to:
    1. Complete a project using layers
    2. Complete a project using the basic tools
    3. Complete a project that combines text and image layers
    4. Complete a project using a variety of filters and artistic effects
    5. Complete a project that creates a drawing from an image
    6. Create an animation using layers and color
    7. Complete a project that embeds part of an image into another image

    Your module outline is:
    1. Outline
    2. Student syllabus
    3. course intro
    4. Working with layers
    5. combining images and text
    6.images to drawings
    7. animation
    8. combining images

    My feedback:

    I really like this module. I think this could be useful for students and other teachers.

    I think in the main folder you may want to remove the “outline” link. I don’t think students need to see that for any reason. I like the student syllabus information. You provide an overview of the module and the learning outcomes, as well as your expectations. I am not sure though why you do this in a word document. It seems like it might be cleaner to just use text in a folder (like you do for “course introduction” in the “course introduction” folder). Later on in the module you use PDF docs. I would try to stick to one method of displaying text unless of course you have reasons for using these different formats. Also you asked what would be needed to make this a fully online module, and you are actually really close. One thing would be to add a “start here” folder, which would look very much like the student syllabus, but would give timelines when things were due and the order in which activities should be done.

    Your discussion prompts are good. This is difficult to do well. You provide the right level of detail. Great job!I like the rubrics you developed for the discussion boards as well. I have never seen rubrics developed so speciically for the prompts, but I really like this idea. You may need to tweek these as the grading scale doesn’t really convey how you will judge each criteria. You just list excellent, good, etc. It would take a ton of time to do this, but it would be awesome to really describe each criteria, so for “what you learned”, 1 – Student does not articulate any elements that were learned during this activity. 2 – Student describes at least one learning outcome achieved during this activity. 3 – Student describes in detail one or more learning outcomes achieved during this activity. 4 – Student describes in detail one or more learning outcomes achieved during this activity and xplains how this newly acquired knowledge can be used in other areas (or something like that, that was just off the top of my head). Again, doing prompt specific rubrics fo discussions is not anything I have seen before, but i think it could work really well and would foster really great discussions. When we talked about discussion rubrics before, the ones I have seen were ones that could be used with any prompt and were much more generic. You really took this important element of virtual learning to a new level. Really great job on this!Let me know how this works when you use it.

    Great job on this module! Happy Holidays!

  2. Debbie,
    I went through your module. It flows very well from one item to the next. It seems to be very detailed and allows for plenty of opportunities for the students to contact you if there are questions (one of the most important attributes for success in this type of learning). I believe it is definitely doable. If this is for students who don’t have any background knowledge on the GIMP, I think it will help them understand the concept to be successful!!! Great job! Thanks for being such a great colleague and classmate 😉

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