Followup on Teddy Bears

My last post was just a summary of all my thoughts/research. After our last class discussion I realized that I was just thinking narrow-minded. Basically in a one-track mind. I was just looking at the science behind how we think teddy bears are soft. I wanted to sit down again and think of different questions. Something like the question tree but just in paragraph form.

Who thought of teddy bears? How did they get there name? What are they made of? Why are they comforting to cuddle? Why is it comforting to stroke the fur? Can the presence of teddy bears increase mood/health? How is softness determined?¬†Does everyone think teddy bears are soft? If not, is there something off with the receptors in their fingers? Is their brain wired differently? Would manufacturers make teddy bears that aren’t soft? How have teddy bears stayed in the market this long? Do more people collect then rather than play with and talk to them? Would people buy expensive teddy bears? Are their “company” worth a higher price? Was this a marketing attempt to up Teddy Roosevelt’s approval rating? Did his approval ratings increase after the creation of teddy bears? Why did he go hunting if he didn’t plan to kill any animals?

Now I understand that a critical part to analyzing is looking at things from all perspectives. When Professor Hale gave us the domain chart, it really helped me to try to think in all different perspectives and has helped me come up with more meaningful questions that will lead to meaningful research.

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