On my last post I think I used the SEEI technique pretty well (for my first time using it).

S(tatement): The quote I picked made me think.

E(laboration): It made me think about all the applications that would become possible if we were to augment the human mind

E(xample): My example of things that would happen after augmenting the mind were in the form of questions. Since it has not happened yet, there are not concrete examples so I though questions would suffice since noone is quite sure how it would affect life.

I(llustrate): My illustration was my comparison to the movie Limitless.

For the most part, I believe I fulfilled the SEEI technique. The only thing that may be questionable was my examples. I could have proposed some things that could have happened as a result of the augmentation, but as I explained, I thought it was fit for this specific topic.

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