Augmenting the Mind and Me

Due to my personal views I do not like the thought of putting technology into humans. I believe strongly in evolution and that we are here for a reason. I believe in producing technology that can help us with everyday tasks (like computers and prosthetics). I do not believe in creating technology to put into humans to make us smarter. Animals have evolved into humans and now we are the superior beings on Earth. We do not need to disturb that. If we disturb evolution by augmenting humans than humans wont evolve naturally. Then evolution turns into innovation. It turns mother nature into a computer. I personally do not like that idea because due to a lot of the world in poverty only the people that can afford this new tech will be able to access it. Then the world becomes even more unequal. It would make the separation of social classes even more prominent than it is today. I think that the risks outweigh the reward in this situation.

3 thoughts on “Augmenting the Mind and Me”

  1. I agree strongly with the point of view of the author. In my nugget I similarly argue that the benefits of Human Augmentation do not outweigh the consequences both expected and unforeseeable.

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