Guest Speaker

To be an effective guest speaker, I think that the speaker has to be able to leave an idea, thought, or belief within everyone in the audience’s mind. This is a tough thing to achieve since the speaker has no background on us, the audience. We all come from different households and all hold different beliefs on small and big topics. The guest speaker has to speak in a way that could hit home with all of us, not just the people who are interested in the Engelbart’s work.

As I was reading some things on the Engelbart website I kept noticing “Collective IQ”. Well back when Engelbart first thought of this idea, Internet was not as widely used as it is today. I want to know if Christina thinks that Internet is helping or hurting our collective IQ. I would say that it is helping but at the same time a lot of people use the Internet for their personal use as opposed to helping solve a problem greater then they are.

I know her speech will also be thought provoking and that I will have more to ask her after she talks.

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