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The very first thing I thought of was blogging and the purpose of it. Well blogs wouldn’t exist if the author did not want to post something. So then I came to the question of why do people blog. I thought about it in a different way and came up with why do people feel the desire/need to publicize their lives. I feel that when people post on the internet, they are opening up some aspect of their life to the public. Where as some bloggers are more “anonymous” than others, the Internet is still a public place. What I mean by anonymous is that some people only post things like recipes and for the most part un-bias posts while on the other hand people post videos and have blogs that share their opinions. So my question comes down to Why do people feel the desire to publicize their lives?

I tried to dissect my question into the different domains.

1. Psychological POV (point of view): In class we talked about importance and how some people view the Internet as an opportunity to feel important/needed and to have their voices heard. Now this can be from a very open person, such as someone in a video where everyone can see who they are, or from a more refined setting, something more along the lines of a blog with just a name not a face. This then turns into an identity issue. Some people create aliases in order to be perceived in a certain way. This then becomes manipulative.

2. Entertainment POV: I watch a lot of YouTube videos and a lot of comedians have turned their YouTube channel into their full-time job where they earn money through Ads and appearance since their popularity is so high. I feel like these people know that being open with the public can make a lot of people laugh and forget about their worries.

3. Informative POV: Some people post their opinions on products/services as reviews for other people to take into consideration before buying. They really want to help consumers who do not want to waste money on unfit products.

4. Educational POV: These people are just posting information for other people to learn. These people are generally not social media public figures.

It amazes me that the the digital world of the Internet can be so addictive. Its not tangible but it can leave a lasting mark on a person. I also amazes me the amount of people that post things all the time that might not get read. I have visited a lot of blogs and have only read a very tiny portion of what is on there. 

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  1. Your question is interesting. What will you do to make it significant? In other words, why should I care about this topic? There might be something with your last sentence that could provide some focus: There is a lot out there, so to what extent do people publicize as a way to compensate for being so small in the scheme of things?

    I really like how you began to interpret the question from different disciplinary perspectives. Well done.

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