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“The reader or viewer always gets feelings along with information, even when the creators of the information think that its “content” is much more restricted.”

I really enjoyed this quote because it gave me a new perspective as a writer. No matter how unbiased I try to be (or any writer for that matter) I am still leaving an emotional impression on them. I think the best example that was used in the article was assembly instructions. You would think that these are too the point and would not leave ant emotions with the reader/assembler. But when I thought about it deeper, it does. Depending on how vague or how in depth the instructions are, the reader may end up leaving feeling like they will never finish assembling this item or like they could’ve put the item together without instructions.

This really made me think about my own writing, especially with the beginnings of our final project. As straight forward as I think my writing is, a reader may take away certain feelings that I did not account for. This could either be a good or bad thing whether or not their emotions are agreeing with me or disagreeing. This makes me more cautious when writing so that the reader will not take away the wrong idea. It makes me realize that even though our final project will be an “academic” paper that it still will leave the reader with emotions rather then just the information I will be providing. I think that this will also make me more cautious with the information I present and what that may infer. A lot of the time I try to be not be bias when writing formally (as opposed to blogs which are completely my opinion) but now I will try to look at my sources and rationale through different lenses to see the impression that it leaves with other perspectives other than my own.

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  1. I like the introspection, but examples to support your ideas and claims will help the reader understand what you are trying to communicate. Remember that is the Example in the SEEI clarification framework.

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