Progress Report

I think I have made some progress in this class. Although at first I was not sure how I would like this class since it seemed to have no structure and no “plan of attack”. Once I realized that the reason why Prof. Hale was being so vague and mysterious, it helped me understand that what he wants is for people to be curious, for people to ask questions, and for people to dig deep enough to find answers. Once my anger for the concept of no points diminished, I could start to actually be interested in this class. Although I do not feel like I am as intellectually gifted as some in this class I sure am trying to get up to par. I do find our discussions interesting and do try my best to come up with significant answers. I have never participated so much in an English-type class before.

As for my writing…I went back to my very first post and noticed that I did not at all use the concept of SEEI. I was really just bouncing around the subject. I was not making connections to other things and I was not pulling anything out of the article, I was merely restating what the author had said. Now, I am actually making points that could be applied to something. I am making connections and taking more out of the readings. With that being said, I am no where near perfect in the world of reading and critical thinking. But I am improving, slowly but surely. English and literature have never been my strong point (I like math and numbers) but I am trying and I am proud of my effort.

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  1. If you are feeling proud, then you are doing something right. Remember, the course is about development and your ability to articulate that development within the context of the topic.

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