Welcome to the Office of Senior Vice President for Health Sciences Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Framework – Dialogue to Action.  

The diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) action framework is designed to promote a more just, equitable, and inclusive learning and living environment at VCU. Thank you for engaging in this important work.

This website will provide updates on key initiatives and provide opportunities for ongoing engagement from our MCV Campus and community stakeholders. If you have questions or suggestions related to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, please share your ideas through the online form.

Dialogue to Action Infrastructure

Inclusion Council:

Providing an overarching “coordinating structure” for maintaining ongoing synergy and for incorporating emerging voices and perspectives.

Student Engagement:

Expand the current Student Council for Inclusive Excellence (SCIE) Ambassadors program model to engage a broader cross-section of student leaders and advocates.

Faculty Engagement & Delevopment:

Engage health sciences faculty in a professional development construct to revise and re-imagine curricula through the lens of the health equity and social justice framework.

Staff Engagement:

Provide MCV Campus staff increased opportunities to engage and develop knowledge, skills, and expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts; and improve staff work experience, sense of belonging, and empowerment.

Residents, Fellows, and Post Docs Engagement:

Create an inter-residency program model that fosters a sense of community for “all” residents, fellows, and post-doctorial trainees; provides education and training on health equity and social justice in health care; and provides professional and leadership development resources.

Community and Alumni Integration:

Fully integrate community and alumni voices within the planning and development of initiatives to create a more inclusive health sciences learning and work environment.