Week 2 – Blog Post

Our group reviewed a third grade math SOL.  The content was being able to tell time and being able to to answer what the time would be in X amount of hours.  Misconceptions that the elementary level may encounter is differentiating between the minute and hour hand and understand morning (a.m.) and night (p.m.).  The pedagogy is thee students are taught in a large group with a clock, then broken up in to small groups with personal clocks.  They are then given more practice with a worksheet where they fill in the time on the clock.  Technology used is clocks, worksheets, pencil, and paper.

Week 1 – Blog Post

I personally believe personal web sites, blogs and social media can be used for teachers advantages.  The social media platforms can be utilizes to update parents on important news more efficiently.  I believe sharing superficial parts of the teachers life can be helpful to parents as well.  Although, it also can be dangerous if teachers get too personal.  It is more difficult to interpret a message when it is delivered electronically.  As a student I find technology to be a burden primarily due to my inability.  Hopefully with more education about it I can use it to help more students.  I have taken many online websites so once I navigate my way it is beneficial.  I also appreciate receiving grades,  feedback and assignments quicker when posted online.