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Content- “3.5a : The student will develop map skills by positioning and labeling the seven continents and five oceans to create a world map.”  The students will be taught the content and be aware of where the seven continents are and five oceans and learn how to correctly spell the continents and oceans.

Misconceptions:  Because students are shown flat maps they may believe the Earth is flat.  Students may also have difficulty with realizing the distance between continents because the map is small.

Pedagogical: Students will first be introduced to the continents and oceans with a video.  Next, they will be shown a globe and the entire class will locate the different oceans and continents.  After, the entire class will sing a song of the continents and oceans to further instill the names in their heads.  Lastly, they will be broken up in to small groups to label their own maps.

Technology: Music, video, globe, worksheets, colored pencils, map


Students will use music (technology), to memorize the oceans and continents (content).  They will use globes and maps (technology), to familiarize themselves with the locations of the oceans and continents (content).


Students will be introduced with a video, be shown a globe to the entire class, sing a song, and label their own maps (pedagogy), to gain knowledge on the oceans and continents (content).


Students will use music, videos, worksheets and globes (technology), to use in there lesson of watching a video, singing and song and then labeling maps (pedagogy).

I have listed helpful websites for students to use to practice with the oceans and continents.




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