Week 5 – Blog Post

When I was in high school I remember having an online sight where students could access their grades.  It essentially had different assignments, quiz and test grades labeled for each class, the posted grade and the average grade.  Technology was not highly incorporated in to learning.  Each classroom had a promethean board but students typically had little to no access to the boards.  The teachers would use it to post notes or show videos.  I would occasionally type out papers or create powerpoints.  The grades posted online was convenient and I enjoyed seeing my grade as soon as possible.  The promethean boards could have been beneficial although I do not feel the teachers utilize them nearly enough.  By the time I am a teacher I will be using much more technology for my students than I was exposed to.  I think promethean boards can be used for interactive learning and posting notes online is a good way for students to be exposed to the knowledge.

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