Week 9 – Blog Post

Step 1: What is a PLN?

PLN stands for “Personal Learning Network”.  It is a network of people and resources that support ongoing learning.  Learning can be in many different formats like feedback, insights, documentation, etc.

Step 2: Making Connections

Teachers use social media to connect with their PLN.  Teachers can use twitter, facebook, instagram, email, youtube and many other things to positively connect through the media.

Step 3: Using Twitter to Build Your PLN

Twitter is where educators can find advice, give advice, find helpful links, share work and much more.

Step 4: All About Hashtags and Twitter Chats

Hashtags can organize key words and concepts or find something your are interested in by searching the hashtag.

Step 5: Using Blogs As Part Of Your PLN

Blogs is where you can share information and tips.  It is also a great place to reflect on learning and teaching practices.

Step 6: Using Curation Tools As A Connected Educator

It is important for internet user to establish skills to sift through abundance of internet content.

Step 7: Making Time to Build Your PLN

Start small, set goals and commit, establish a routine and be consistent.  These steps will be beneficial for creating a efficient PLN.


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