Week 12 – Blog Post

K.2 The student will investigate and understand that humans have senses that allow them to seek, find, take in, and react or respond to information in order to learn about their surroundings. Key concepts include

a) the five senses and corresponding sensing organs; and

b) sensory descriptors used to describe common objects and phenomena.


Activity 1:

The students will be group in to five different groups.  Each group will be assigned a sense.  They will draw the corresponding organ and draw (write if they can) sensory descriptors for common objects online.  Then they will tell the entire the class the sense, organ and descriptors.

Activity 2:

The teacher will pop pop corn.  The students will click the picture on their computers (ear, nose, skin, tongue, eyes) depending on the questions asked. 1. What do you hear the popcorn popping with? 2. What do you smell the popcorn with? 3.  What do you taste the popcorn with? 4.  What organ do you hear the popcorn popping?  5. What organ do you use to see the popcorn popping?


Activity 3:

Each student creates a video of assigned sense.  In the video they have to identify sense, correspond organ and sensory descriptors used to describe three common objects.  All the videos will be viewed by the entire class.


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