Adaptive Learning

adaptiveLearningRealizeITI was intrigued today as I listened to the presentation Adaptive Learning: Learning Theory and Real Application from Online Learning Consortium International Conference .  As we continue to gather data from learners as they use several kinds of media to learn online, this type of course design seems more possible, certainly more personalized. One article explaining adaptive learning rather than personalized learning more fully. The Great Adaptive Learning Experiment helped me sort some of the ideas presented.

You’ve got something to read, something to watch and a few multiple choice questions to answer. I think we can innovate there….

Let’s say you want to teach engineers how to build a bridge,” he said. “Do you want them to read something, watch something and then answer a multiple choice quiz, or do you want them to build a bridge with a simulator that gives them specific feedback and specific activity based on that?”

I’m hoping adaptive learning is an experiment in creating simulated problem solving and students doing rather than a sophisticated feedback machine. I remember the “individualized instruction” offered by computers more than a decade ago. They didn’t help students who were struggling with concepts.

…many of the offerings are just binary ‘if you get this question wrong you go here; if you get it right, you go there’ kinds of things. True adaptivity isn’t just about understanding that the kid got the question wrong, but why the kid got the question wrong.” the

I’m pleased we’re experimenting with possibilities. Data from learners engaging online will tell us what works.

image is from Knewton platform

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