Social Presence as Collaboration and Co-Learning

We set the climate of our classrooms.
Learning research describes the need for people to connect with each other while people are learning to confirm their understanding or to change their minds about how they have perceived the concept.

Communication technologies have made networked connections outside the boundaries of our course and classroom possible. We can converse with others as a formal community of practice in unprecedented ways. We can connect and collaborate with ideas through text, audio, image, and especially video, in real time or on our own time but without the requirement of the same physical place. We can create Social Presence in our online communications by being engaged with these technologies.


How do you imagine your role as teacher will change to include the concept of community of networked learners?

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What is connected learning? — A Learning Approach Designed for the Demands and Opportunities of the Digital Age: Powerful, Relevant, Engaging

This site has several videos that answer many of the questions you might continue to have about connected learning as a focus for your teaching.

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