First Day of Class #adlt641

I’ve been away from teaching for two years, and I’ve missed the conversations. I’m enthusiastic about teaching again – So I welcome you to a course that will ask you to think out loud.

I believe in the truth of Wienberger’s comment –

“In conversation we think out loud together, trying to understand. … The Web releases thoughts before they’re ready so we can work on them together. And in those conversations we hear multiple understandings of the world, for conversation thrives on difference. (Weinberger, 2007, p. 203)”

Here, together, we dialogue and create meaning that is true for each of us — what we agree to be true, where we differ in our thinking, and how we value the conversation about those differences in perspectives.

I’ve also been away from my professional websites, so keep in mind that I’m in the process of updating them. I’ll be adding changes to our course site as well but not the syllabus or the first two weeks of assignments in Introductions and Blogs.

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